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    Size Unit Guide

    What size do you need?

    1m x 1.5m

    This size unit yields 17 square feet of space. Although these units are small, it is an excellent size to store all of your extra items, like garden tools, seasonal items, office supplies, or your miscellaneous boxes.

    5'x5' Storage Unit Size Estimator
    5'x5' Storage Unit

    1.5m x 2m

    This size unit yields a total of 33 square feet of space, perfect for storing an entire bedroom or office. Are you looking to remodel a room or office? Now you can have the space to keep all of the contents during construction instead of clogging up other rooms!

    5'x10' Storage Unit Size Estimator
    5'x10' Storage Unit

    1.5m x 4m

    You just bought a new house and need to move out of your small apartment, but the house is still being built? This 65 square foot unit should hold all your items! It is ideal for storing an entire living room and two full bedrooms.

    10'x10' Storage Unit Size Estimator
    10'x10' Storage Unit

    4m x 2m

    With 87 square feet of space, this large unit can typically store the contents of a few bedrooms. This space is also ideal for larger items like large televisions, pianos, couches, or tables.

    10'x15' Storage Unit Size Estimator
    10'x15' Storage Unit

    4m x 4m

    In-between homes and need to store all of your family’s belongings? This 173 square feet unit, is the perfect space for you, and larger items like washers, dryers and refrigerators.

    10'x20' Storage Unit Size Estimator
    10'x20' Storage Unit


    Large House

    Now this is some serious storage! This unit has a whopping 173 square feet of space, ideal for a 5 to 7 bedroom house, easily storing entertainment centers, refrigerators, beds, couches, and more!

    10'x30' Storage Unit Size Estimator
    10'x30' Storage Unit
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